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Emil Berikoff Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association

Scholarship Value: $10,000
Awards Available: 1
Award Deadline: Nov 15, 2019

The purpose of the Emil Berikoff, Sr. Memorial (EBSM) Scholarship Program is to provide scholarship awards to CDQ and Unalaska residents who are currently accepted to or enrolled at a nationally or regionally accredited college or university.

It is APICDA's belief that through education our communities will be able to build stronger infrastructures to promote and achieve the economic development necessary for sustainable healthy communities. APICDA uses the funds made available through the Community Development Quota program as a genesis for this economic growth and development; education of the residents of the APICDA region is a key component of this plan.

In Dec. 2017, the APICDA Board of Directors approved a significant increase to the Emil Berikoff Sr. Memorial Scholarship. The Training and Education Committee of the Board recognized that tuition has been on the rise across the nation and our scholarship awards needed to keep pace. Our goal is to support residents of the APICDA communities by increasing the scholarship to encourage students to pursue post-secondary education. The full-time scholarship of $5,000 will be increased to $10,000 per year for all eligible CDQ recipients and the part-time scholarship of $2,500 will be increased to $5,000. The increased amount will be applied for all eligible students who are approved for funding in the fall of 2018.

How to Quality:

Applicants must meet one of two residency requirements:

Historical relationship to one of the following communities Atka, Akutan, False Pass, Nelson Lagoon, Nikolski, St. George, or Unalaska.

At least five years current residency in one of the seven communities listed above.

Applicants Must:

A) Be formally accepted at a college or university.

B) Meet one of the two residency requirements above.

C) Demonstrate financial need; family income cap of $181,000.

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