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Text=Wrecks Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys

Scholarship Value: $1,000
Awards Available: 1
Award Deadline: May 16, 2019

At GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys, we try to stop accidents before they happen. That's why we launched our "Texts=Wrecks" campaign last year – to save lives. But we need your help!

Our "Text=Wrecks" billboard is displayed on a major thoroughfare in Virginia. We're trying to save lives by preventing accidents

We strongly believe that the next generation is a great one, and that you will be leaders in changing the way America drives. So we want to hear your best ideas – including things you've already tried that have worked – to help yourself, your family members, and your friends drive more safely.

We're offering a $1,000 scholarship for one high school or college student anywhere in the United States who we believe answers our call most effectively. Our deadline to apply is May 16, 2019, and we will announce our winner on June 13, 2019.


This is a one-time non-renewable scholarship to be used for post-secondary education purposes. Any materials received after the specified due date will not be eligible for consideration.


A) You must be a high school senior on track to graduate or a college student enrolled in an accredited four-year university/college, or currently enrolled in a two-year college and planning to transfer to a four-year university/college upon completion.

B) You have earned, or will earn your high school diploma this calendar year.

C) You have maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA.

D) You are a U.S. Citizen or hold Permanent Residency status. DACA recipients are welcome to apply.

E) You must complete all entry fields on the application for the scholarship. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Entries that do not meet the word count requirement will not be considered.

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