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AGC New York State Scholarship Program

Scholarship Sponsored by Associated General Contractors New York State

Scholarship Value: $5,000
Awards Available: 20
Award Deadline: May 15, 2019

Since 1988, the Chapter has distributed more than $1 Million in the form of over 600 scholarships to New York based college students working towards a degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Technology and Construction Management at colleges or universities. The Chapter awards $2500-$5000 undergraduate and graduate scholarships each July.

Applicants must be entering the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of a two- or four-year college. Applicants must be seriously intent upon a career in the building and/or highway construction industry. Applicant must pursue a Bachelor or Associate degree in construction technology/management or civil engineering and have at least a 2.50 G.P.A. Students must reapply each year up to three years of undergraduate study; many of our winners each year are repeat winners. Graduate students are also eligible for a one-year scholarship if they are studying full time for an advanced construction- related and are intent upon a career in the industry.

A. Eligible students are defined as those who are:

1. Entering the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of a two, four or five-year program or entering the first year of a graduate level program.

2. Seriously intent upon a career in the construction industry.

3. Pursuing a degree in construction tech, construction management or civil engineering. A dual degree with construction and/or civil engineering as one part is acceptable.

4. Enrolled full time and carrying 12 undergraduate credit hours or 9 for some graduate programs.

5. A U.S. citizen or documented permanent resident of the United States.

6. A New York resident. However, applicants can be pursuing their degree at a college or university outside of New York State.

Note: Graduate students who win a scholarship are not eligible to reapply for a second year, undergraduates may reapply each year. Students may not win more than four times (3 times as an undergraduate and once as a graduate student).

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